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WPForms is the best con­tact form Word­Press plu­g­in on the mar­ket. It comes with a sim­ple drag and drop form builder, which lets you cre­ate smart online forms in just a few clicks, with­out touch­ing any code.

Besides offer­ing the most user-friend­ly inter­face, it fea­tures the most pow­er­ful fea­tures you’ll need to suc­ceed. In addi­tion to sim­ple con­tact forms, the plu­g­in enables you to cre­ate advanced online forms like sur­vey forms, dona­tion forms, order forms, sub­scrip­tion forms, etc. in a mat­ter of minutes.

To ensure you have the free­dom to cre­ate all types of forms, it pro­vides all kinds of form fields from the radio but­tons to file uploads to mul­ti-page forms. Plus, it includes tons of form tem­plates to let you build pro­fes­sion­al Word­Press forms eas­i­er and faster.

Best of all, adding the forms to your pages and posts is extreme­ly easy with the native WPForms block. Yes, it’s Guten­berg ready. Also, it stores all the form sub­mis­sions as ‘entries’ and lets you man­age and review the infor­ma­tion you need right from your Word­Press dashboard.

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